Registration:  Festival 2018

Space Allocation.

The standard display space (initial unit) is defined by the 2.4 metre tables.

Those vendors whose basic product requires more space will be allocated enough space for their product at the basic unit price.  Eg a celebrant will have the space equivalent to a 2.4 meter table. A caravan or a marquee will have the space large enough for their caravan or marquee. Additional space (2.4 metre tables) will be charged at an additional 50% of basic rate

Transport will be allocated one vehicle as their basic unit space. Additional vehicles 50% of basic rate

Bump In and Bump Out

Vendors setting up structures on the Aub Cork Oval will be allowed access from early on Saturday – Time to be advised. All other Vendors will have access to the pavilion, the exhibition building and the oval from midday Saturday July 28.Please note all people during the bump in and bump out times must wear closed in shoes. Visi vests preferred as well if available.

Set up to be complete and ready for visitors by opening time.

Vendors are asked  not to start their pack down until after the closing time of the event.

Marquees and structures

Please note all outside structures including umbrellas, tents, marquees etc are BYO. The MWF organisation will not be supplying any of these.


All electrical cords are to display current tagging.  Our onsite electrician is responsible for ensuring all electrical cords have been tagged and tested. If you have a cord that requires our electrician to process then you will be charged an additional fee.Each vendor is required to supply their own extension cords and power boards

Sharing a space

Shared co habitation of the large marquees, tipi’s and tents is at the discretion of and to be organised personally between the suppliers, stylists, marquee and tent vendors themselves.

Each vendor represented within the space is to pay separately as an individual vendor. If there are multiple franchises/outlets of a business each franchise/outlet  will be treated as a separate vendor.

Multiple Business owned by the one Vendor.

If the vendor will be displaying the second business within the same basic unit space then a 50% discount applies to their second business.

If they promote their second business in a separate space then they will pay the relevant full price.

Keeping things fair

When setting up your stand please do not display flyers, brochures or business cards of other companies. Everyone who is at the show has paid to be a vendor and it is only fair to them.

Groups representation

Group promotion is only permitted if each member of the group has registered as an individual vendor at the festival


Each vendor is to provide their current public liability insurance certificate. Food/Caterers are to display this certificate in a prominent position on the day.


Compliance is different for each industry. Example: transport requires certain licenses to be able to charge for transporting people. Venues are required to have council development permits, liquor licenses etc to run a wedding venue.  It is the responsibility of the vendor to be aware and comply with  your industry requirements.

Payment of your registration is acknowledgement of the  terms and conditions in relation to current insurance and appropriate industry approvals for your business.

Hinterland Wedding on behalf of Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast do not accept any responsibility for any action as a result of your non compliance.

Music, amplified announcements

A program will be arranged and musicians will be asked to co operate in giving every one the opportunity to showcase their business. If the coordinators approach a vendor regarding excessive noise or limiting their music/announcements we would expect full cooperation.


Only HTSC Members will be promoted & eligible participants in the $5,000 bride prize


Each vendor is responsible for their own marketing.

Wet Weather

All attempts will be made to cater for extreme weather however MWF organisation is not responsible


Parking will be available free of charge for vendors. Please try and limit the number of vehicles requiring parking. Their will be designate space for vendors so please ensure you adhere to this to enable as much suitable parking for visitors as possible

Visitor Numbers

Hinterland Wedding on behalf of Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast do not accept any responsibility for visitor numbers.


There will be no refunds of registration fees to vendors


The Hinterland Wedding committee will have the final say on all decisions regarding placement and programming. Please discuss your preferences or requirements early in the process