Sandi Shankster

Willow Bud Wedding Flowers

At Willow Bud we create beauty with care, we cherish our brides, and we design our flowers to be as individual as you are.
Our brides are our inspiration and flowers our passion. We create incomparable, stunning one-off-pieces that are timeless, full living grace and ethereal beauty.
We are a small team of dedicated florists with a wealth of experience, each bringing a thought, an idea, an inspiration to life for you to hold, breath in and delight in on your day.
Ours is an ever evolving style that breathes new life into the classics, that builds on the contemporary through the understanding of the traditional and delivers only the perfect.
We only use quality flowers sourced for their longevity, freshness and delicate beauty. Filled with an ever living grace that serves as a hallmark to your special Sunshine Coast wedding, our flowers will inspire you, transform you and please you.